Nest Hello

See Who’s Knocking.

The doorbell you’ve been waiting for.

Get a Nest Hello doorbell with Google Home at an affordable price from a reliable source like A1Kool. Never miss a Wireless Battery Powered nice smooth Devices like Nest Hello doorbell.

This type of wired Nest Doorbell is able to tell you the difference between a human /person, package, animal, and vehicle. Also able to alert you about the things that matter most to you. Lots of offers are available in the market.

Most important no subscription is required here to install. Easily buy and install the system. And 24/7 streaming system makes this device fabulous. Another best part of it is the anytime check-in Or go-back system. We can easily see a report of what happened in the 3-hour snapshot history.

Google Nest Hello features

  • 2K HD video with HDR.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Continuous video recording option.
  • 160º field of view.
  • Quiet time snooze feature.
  • Familiar face recognition.
  • Package detection.
  • 8x digital zoom.

When Nest Hello‘s microphone is on, your Nest camera’s microphone picks up sounds in the area around your camera. Nest Halo cameras record event video history or 24/7 video history.

As a result, this device’s camera audio will be recorded in your video history as long as the microphone is turned on. Audio cannot be streamed or recorded when the microphone is turned off.

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