Water Heaters

Smart Giant water heaters and Navien tankless water heaters are efficient ways to heat water at home.

Reliable Water Heating For Your Home & Family.

Water heaters are an essential component of any home. From hot showers to washing dishes, reliable water heating is key to ensuring the comfort and safety of you and your family. With a HEPA filtration system installed, Canadian homeowners can enjoy allergen-free hot water in their homes.

When it comes to selecting a water heater for your family, there are several key factors to consider including size requirements, energy efficiency, and cost. The right water heater for your home will depend largely on the specific needs of your family as well as the space available in your home. Homeowners should take time to research different options before making their selection in order to ensure that they have found the best system for them. 

High-quality water heaters offer numerous advantages such as reduced energy costs over time, improved overall performance, and extended lifespan compared to cheaper models. 

Easily integrates with existing heating and cooling system.

Best quality Water Heaters for your home

Navien Tankless Water Heater

High quality heat exchangers

Navien tankless water heaters have been gaining popularity in Canada for their high quality and efficiency. These heaters feature a unique design that utilizes advanced technology to transfer heat from the exhaust gases to the incoming cold water, which provides fast and efficient hot water heating.

Optimal gas combustion

Navien tankless water heaters are the perfect choice for Canadians looking to optimize their energy efficiency and save money on long-term costs. The Navien technologies offer optimal gas combustion, Advanced Performance System (APS) sensors, and Gas Pressure Safety (GPS) sensors – all of which help to ensure a more efficient system performance that is both safe and reliable.

Instantaneous heating and supply

Instantaneous heating and supply are becoming a popular choice for Canadians looking to upgrade their hot water systems. Tankless units, also referred to as on-demand or instantaneous water heaters, provide hot water with no storage tank. With ComfortFlow’s innovative technology, Canadians can finally enjoy instantaneous heating and supply right at their fingertips!

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